what is the size of a female mannequin

As a worker in the mannequin display industry, customers often ask about the height and body data of the mannequin, and what will be the size of our mannequin in the actual mannequin production.
Let’s take the best-selling male full body mannequin, female full body mannequin, and child mannequin on the market as examples.
female full-body mannequins usually build 3D models based on the body data of real models. According to actual production needs, we need to fine-tune the body data of female full-body mannequins.
These adjustments are mainly for the needs of the actual production process because, in the production process, the mannequin will undergo model making, sanding, painting, and other operations. With the development of the times
and the guidance of the trend, female full body mannequins are sometimes slimmer or fatter.
Male full body mannequins and child mannequins are produced according to actual ratios, and there are few major changes in physical data.

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