How about you know the mannequin head

Mannequin heads have many purposes, There are many types of mannequin heads,
but most of them are made according to the ratio of real people. They are mainly used for wig display, sunglasses display, jewelry display, silk scarf display, etc. We have made the following distinctions according to the main nature of mannequin heads to facilitate our understanding.

  1. Distinguish according to the material of the mannequin head: linen mannequin head, wire mannequin head, styrofoam mannequin heads, fiberglass mannequin head, plastic mannequin head, wooden mannequin head, These are our common mannequin heads, fiberglass mannequin head and plastic mannequin head are the most and have the largest market share, and the others have more decorative attributes.
  2. Distinguish by color: white mannequin head, gold mannequin head, skin color mannequin,
    The skin color mannequin is more favored by African consumers
  3. According to the role of the mannequin head to distinguish: wig mannequin heads, mannequin head for hats, jewelry mannequin head, mannequin head for sunglasses, We can often see these mannequin heads on display in shopping malls, and now it’s mainly a wig that displays the most.
  4. Style distinction: mannequin head with shoulder, mannequin head bust, realistic mannequin heads, mannequin head female, mannequin head man, abstract mannequin head, kid mannequin head, mannequin head with wig, baby mannequin head,These styles basically include a variety of styles commonly seen in the market, some popular and popular ones.

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