Mannequin for Sale: The Different Types of Window Mannequins

What’s the difference between mannequins? Sure, some of them look super realistic, while others are made to look more androgynous, but what are they used for? What’s the difference between a window mannequin and an in-store mannequin? Read on to learn all about the different types of mannequins available!

By Age
There are many age groups in which you can customize your window display and in each group, there are a number of mannequins to choose from. For example, if you’re looking for a more adult feel, then choosing an adult mannequin is probably best. An adult mannequin is perfect for displaying items that would be worn by someone older than 18 years old. If you want to go younger than that, then a teenager mannequin may be ideal since its age range tends to start around 12-13 years old and up. Likewise, if you want a child mannequin instead of an adult one or vice versa, there are plenty available at your local suppliers as well as online stores like eBay.

By Color
Generally speaking, white mannequins are used to display apparel like formal shirts, business suits and more. Black mannequins are typically used in stores that sell garments targeted at younger shoppers. However, other colours have the meaning as well. Red mannequins generally signify clearance items or sales items whereas blue ones are usually associated with jeans or athletic wear. Yellow ones represent women’s clothing and pink mannequins are often found in children’s departments of stores. Of course, these colour classifications aren’t set in stone; they may vary by industry and region. Use your best judgment when choosing a colour!

By Gender
There are two main genders, male and female. Mannequins designed to display clothing designed for men use a male mannequin stand. Conversely, women’s clothing displays are made using a female body mannequin. These bodies can be displayed in various positions, such as sitting or leaning back against another item. Each position emphasizes different body parts (e.g., showing off a curve in an outfit). When displaying two female mannequins together, you might use one sitting and one standing; or you could have them mirror each other with arms positioned differently or holding different items.

By Material
Each material has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Fiberglass mannequins are great because they’re lightweight, realistic-looking, and inexpensive. But they’re also more likely to break than plastic or styrofoam mannequins. Plastic mannequins look almost as good as fiberglass ones but are heavier and cost a bit more money. Styrofoam mannequins are cheap and lightweight but may look artificial if you don’t take care when dressing them up—although even that can be remedied by putting clothing on strategically.

By Style
You can also classify mannequins by their style. You’ll find variations in full size mannequins, half mannequins, mannequin torso stands and mannequin legs. They come with different colours, fabrics and materials depending on what you’re looking for—at a lower price or higher quality. You can use them separately or together. If you’re working with a tighter budget, then purchasing individual pieces would be ideal. Or if your work demands a certain look but is limited in budget, choose to mix and match different parts instead of fully-upgrading all aspects of your display unit at once.

By Use
Fashion mannequins come in all different shapes and sizes. From super skinny to voluptuous, they’re available in a huge range of forms. For photographers, there are simple stand-up models which can be used to pose clothing. Hair dummies are ideal for hairstyle tutorials and jewellery display stands can be created by stacking various pieces together. They look good and get people excited about buying! You don’t even need one either; many jewellery shop owners use dummy earrings or brooches to show off their accessories without having to use expensive real items. In some cases, dummies have been found on sale as low as $7 in markets throughout Europe!

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