How the display mannequin is produced

One article will take you through the whole process of display mannequin production

Many people have such questions about how the display mannequin that we often see in clothing stores are produced, and here I will introduce the production process of mannequins to you
According to the usage, mannequins can be divided into several categories, such as garment display mannequins, tailor dummy, and medical models, and the one we are talking about here is the most common garment display mannequin.
1, We make the clay model according to the size of the real model and adjust the parameters of the clay model according to the needs of production and posture in the process.
2, After the clay model is made, the mold of the model is made. Usually, the model is broken down into head mannequin, torso mannequin, leg mannequin, and arm mannequin.
3, After the mold is made, the mannequin can be made. The materials used are fiberglass and fiber cloth, and the mannequin is taken out of the mold, which is called the first embryo.
4、After the first embryo is made, it needs to be sanded and some details are processed, and then it can be painted.
5, After the quality inspection, we can pack the mannequin.
We will introduce how to choose mannequins in the next article.

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