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Here you can find various female mannequins, such as sitting female mannequin,beautiful female mannequin,fabric female mannequin,headless female mannequin,abstract female mannequin,make up female mannequin and so on.

If you don’t find the mannequin you need, please let us know and let us find it.

Our mannequin display

Guangzhou Sunrise Mannequin factory was established in 1996. It is an independent development and manufacturing company. Since its establishment, its products have been exported to Europe and the United States, and it has become a partner of some domestic and foreign apparel brands. As an influential model manufacturing company in southern China, the product includes Female mannequins, male mannequins, children mannequins and other full range of products, stable quality has always been the foundation of the enterprise’s survival, welcome friends to visit



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make A MODEL

Before making a mannequin, we will make a mold according to the customer’s sample. The quality of the mold is related to the quality of the mannequin after it is produced. The surface of the mannequin produced by a good mold is smooth without fine lines.


The production process of the mannequin will go through the following steps: the first step is to make the mannequin shell, the second step is to polish and spray the shell, and the third step is to spray the paint twice.


We use air bubble bag and pearl cotton double packaging to ensure that the model will collide during transportation. The carton uses top-level reinforced seven layers to prevent external collision

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